Going out on Halloween as an introvert

There are many nights that fill Sackville with pounding music and great parties. Nights like homecoming, or Saint Patrick’s Day. The overwhelming alcoholism and strangers with no understanding of personal space cause many an introvert strife. But there is one night every year where the masks that introverts wear at parties are material instead of social. Halloween. When you get to hide all your insecurities behind a mask and pretend that you are just another university student waiting for a liver transplant.

Halloween doesn’t just even out the party playing field for introverts and extroverts; it also evens out the playing field for men and women. Men are forced, for the first time in their life, to think, “what should I wear?” Or, “should I put makeup on?” But for most introverts coming up with a costume is the easy part. 

Statistically speaking, some of you are going to be anime weebs, and for those of you that are, Congratulations! It’s time to dig out last year’s cosplay, throw it on and send your otaku ass out for a fun time. For those of you that have no idea what a weeb or otaku are, I’d like to congratulate you on your mental stability, and let you know that you are going to have to put in a modicum of effort. Fortunately for most introverts, instead of spending their time with others, they spend it on the internet, ending up with no innocence and a huge knowledge of pop culture that borders on cultish. Personally, after seeing one scene in Avatar: The Last Airbender, I could quote half of the episode. Since we know so much pop culture, there is no end to the possible costumes. Just pick one that suits your wardrobe or style and you are done.

Now for the hard part. Hyping yourself up enough to go to Chad’s mad rager of a costume party. Do whatever gives you confidence, or makes you happy. Like, making your favorite tv show into a drinking game. Or writing semi-erotic fan-fic about vampires until it becomes a bestseller (i.e. Twilight). Tons of people play hype music when getting ready to go out. The best way to ensure you at least get to Chad’s rager is to call your government issued extrovert friend. Whoever they are, they will make sure that no matter what you are excited, and that yes, this is the time you are going to a party.

Once your costume is ready, you have been hyped up, and there is a little bit of liquid courage in your system, all that is left is to enter Chad’s borderline frat house. Your issued extrovert is already there. But the house lights wash over you and you realize dancing with absolute strangers sounds ten times less cozy then curling up on a couch and watching your favorite movie for the fiftieth time. So for all of those introverts leaving the party early, staying home, or playing board games with friends: I wish you a happy Halloween. I’ll probably be watching Love, Actually, as that is the scariest movie I can watch without getting nightmares.

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