Jean Paul Boudreau ‘Lit’

Pictured: A God ascending

Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau, the 15th president of Mount Allison University, has been voted Most Lit President in Mt. A history.

A poll conducted by some of the guys determined that that “our fucking guy Jean-Paul” is “the most lit prez Mt. A’s ever had,” beating out former president Robert Campbell by 14 places.

Criteria for “litness” was based on campus presence, appearance and overall good vibes. Dr. Boudreau’s early evening appearances at Ducky’s, presence during last semester’s orientation week events and his surprise drop-in at this year’s Cancun Campbell residence party in fluorescent running gear allowed him to win over the presence category. In terms of appearance, JP’s casual, formal and athletic style is likely the best of anyone on campus really, students included. “The man has some of the best outfits I’ve ever seen,” stated one of the poll’s respondents. Overall good vibes were mostly rated in the 9/10 to 10/10 range, with the lowest rating being an 8/10.

The results of this poll will likely change nothing, since everyone already knew that Dr. Boudreau is the most lit president we’ve ever had here at Mt. A – and possibly the most lit man alive.

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