What to do When Dating a Type A

While you are making the transition from awkward kissing, or for those of you that use Tinder, from hot sex to a stable relationship, there is that period where you are diving into their personality almost as much as their sheets. It may be while you are making dinner plans, and they say, “I can squeeze that in between power walking with my supervisor and dusting my vents with a toothbrush.” Or it could be when they describe their new filing system like it is the plot of a Tarantino movie. Either way, it is that sinking feeling when you realize they did not tell you their GPA yet but you can guess what number it starts with. That’s how you know you’re dating one of the horrors from the library’s deepest, and darkest basements. You are dating someone who is Type A.

Now, not all is lost. This horror from the depths of productivity most likely is not at their final stage of CEO-hood. They are probably a cute and cuddly over achieving intern. Even if they are cute and cuddly there are some pitfalls you will want to dodge. 

“My boyfriend woke me up at 5:00 am when I said yes to breakfast at the crack of dawn,” says Samantha Singgred, while her boyfriend in question was waxing poetic about their newest Sappy Fest itinerary.  There are other traps like the “could you measure one and a half teaspoons of…” Where they’ll spend an hour turning your place upside down looking for the ½ teaspoon measure you never had. Most importantly, insulting their calendar, itinerary, or agenda is a dumpable offense, which will get a specific color coordinated entry in said planner.

Even though every time they cook it looks more like they are doing atomic chemistry than boiling instant ramen, there are other things you must prepare yourself for, like the death of the words “good enough.” This will trigger an automatic starting-from-scratch of whatever project you just finished whether it is midnight or not. Whenever getting ready, remember that for them late is 15 minutes early, and when dealing with planes on-time does not exist.

A warning to those that think they made the bed in the morning: your partner will see it as just differently messy unless you follow their 20 step plan for making the perfect bed. Three signs that your cute and cuddly intern is approaching CEO-hood: scheduling their yawns, worrying when they exceed their daly blinking limit, and bringing protractors into the bedroom.

They may be so type A that they think in Times New Roman font, but for all the pitfalls, things to know, and warnings, there are upsides. Like! Like… like???

They always plan out what they are going to say so they never trail off in conversation. You will always have a list when you go to the grocery store. And your itinerary is always full. Whenever dealing with your partner you should remember the wise words of Socrates, “In this world your words carry importance. Double if spoken to your partner. Triple if they are Type A.”

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