SHARE volunteers reflect on their experiences

Level 1 Prevention, also known as Primary Prevention, refers to approaches that take place before sexual violence has occurred to prevent initial perpetration. SHARE believes that a community- based approach to preventing sexual violence is theconsidered to be most effective in creating a safer campus for everybody. Although a lot of work is done by through the efforts of the SHARE office, ita great amount of the work would not be possible without the hard efforts and time commitment offrom our volunteers. SHARE has volunteers in three different areas:; hHouse rRepresentatives, pPeer eEducators and the Walk Home Program.

At the beginning of the year, the house executives select one student to be their SHARE hHouse rRepresentative. House rRepresentatives meet a few times throughout the year with the SHARE pPeer eEducation mMentor a few times throughout the year and discuss any SHARE- related issues that their house might be having, as well as what actions should be taken. BeyondOn top of that, hHouse rReps help promote the events, activities and other SHAREshare services within their residences.

SHARE Peer eEducators are a part of the Peer Educators Committee., Tthey meet every week and work towards organizing activities and initiatives that raise awareness aboutto sexual violence. Additionally, they take part in assisting with training sessionss and putting up posters around campus.

Walk Hhome volunteers are present at any big StudTUD events or campus house parties to offer students a safe walk home back to their residences.

If you are still not certain if volunteering with SHARE is something you would like to do next year, read some of the comments given from the current volunteers about their experience:

“Being SHAREshare rep this year was a very valuable and educational experience for me. The position allowed me to contribute in making Bigelow Hhouse a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to help continue important conversations on campus!” – Piper Langille, Bigelow SHARE hHouse rRep

“I originally joined SHARE as a house rep because I wanted to be part of the team that aided in bringing awareness about important issues around our campus and in Canada that often have a great deal of stigma surrounding them. – Sstigma that often prevents people from talking openly and positively about these issues. SHARE has taught me how to promote campaigns such as the REDress Project and the Love Shouldn’t Hurt cCampaign and resources on campus, as well as [how to] encourage and engage in positive conversations about them. Furthermore, it was great to see the support of the Windsor residents during various campaigns, such as when they signed a banner in support of healthy relationships that was hung in Jennings.” – John Briand, Windsor Hall SHARE hHouse rRep

“Volunteering as a SHARE peer educator has been an awesome part of my year. I have loved getting to know more about all that SHARE does for students, and being part of the team that draws attention to relevant sexual violence- related issues, for example, the Love Shouldn’t Hurt promotional campaign that we put on, that dealt with the topic of unhealthy relationships. Being on the team was a great way to come up with possible ways that the student body can be educated more on matters surrounding sexual violence awareness and prevention to create the safest space possible for Mount Allison University students. If this interests you, I encourage you to be a peer educator next year and help SHARE be an even bigger and better presence on campus.” – Meghan MacAskill, SHARE pPeer eEducator

If you have any questions about our services or how you can get more involved, email sh[email protected]!

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