Boygenius’s new EP, The Rest, will leave us all restless for weeks

A deep dive into the supergroup’s new EP in comparison to their previous album

Only six and a half months after their breathtaking debut album, The Record, indie superstars boygenius are at it again, releasing their third EP titled The Rest. The American-based band, composed of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, has taken the world by storm in 2023. Part of this success has been their two new releases and their international tour. This supergroup has kept fans on their toes with quick new releases that do not decrease in quality. Their stunning musicality and lyricism alongside a slightly altered feeling makes this new EP stand out and excite their fans across the globe.

The Rest tackles many difficult and darker topics paired with a subtle calming vibe. The EP starts off strong with “Black Hole,” which talks about new life and rebirth and compares life to the destructive force of a black hole, giving new life to stars. “Afraid of Heights,” fronted vocally by Lucy Dacus, covers risk and courage alongside a fear of death. “Voyager,” led by Phoebe Bridgers, speaks on a difficult relationship and the emotions of distancing yourself and loneliness after giving your all to someone. The final song in the EP, titled “Powers,” led by Julien Baker, is an introspective self-discovery about feelings of alienation, lacking control, and mortality. 

The band maintains their indie rock genre with a deeper, darker sound in their new EP. The vibe of both albums maintains the same overall feeling. However, The Record felt more like acceptance, whereas The Rest feels more melancholic and grieving. The way that this EP is organized is very different from their previous album. Each of the singers has a song that they take the lead in. They start the EP with “Black Hole,” which, of the four songs, is their most collaborative. Baker sings the first verse and Bridgers and Dacus harmonize for the second verse. It seems, in this EP, that the singer-songwriters wanted to take a different approach to how they sing together. Here, they highlight each other’s talents and voices more than the harmonizing group singing featured in The Record

The four-song EP leaves you thinking about the topics it covers with a melancholic and accepting attitude. There seems to be a reason the band is named boygenius, as these three singer-songwriters’ lyrical and musical genius has struck again. As a listener, you do not have to be a genius to see why these women have gained so much attention. If you have not had the chance to listen to The Rest, I highly recommend it! The EP covers many topics vaguely enough as to not overwhelm the listeners, but just specific enough to make you really contemplate the meanings. Overall, I, alongside many others, cannot wait to see what this supergroup plans to do next.  

Illustration by Olivia Haill

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