Dicky’s event night redos

Pub pledges to take events more seriously

Following a fight at the popular Ballsackville pub, Dicky’s, the bar’s upper management released a statement claiming that they are incredibly appalled at how often this happenstance has occurred. “Moving forward as a business, we are going to be taking these events a lot more seriously,” the owner said when prompted for elaboration. Since their statement, it truly does seem as though they have followed through on that promise, although many feel their approach is perhaps a bit heavy-handed.


The greatest attraction to the venue for young townsfolk or Mt. St. A students is Dicky’s wide variety of weekend clubbing events. Of course, while any change made to lessen the impact of frequent drunk brawls is at least partially welcome, the sudden change in clubbing tactics has been a hard sell. Previous popular nights had been Pitbull Night, Country Night, 2000s Night, and more. Given their new policy of taking these events more seriously, customers have grown tired of the new literal meanings behind these headlining events. 


Country Night has now become a meet-and-greet for immigrants, international students, white people with Ancestry DNA results, and recently, world leaders. Following close behind, 2000s Night has become a trivia night for the multitude of maths sums that add up to or end up at any number between 2000 and 3000. Pitbull night is no longer a night to celebrate some of the biggest hit songs of the 2010s. Instead, the night has become a local pitbull adoption campaign.


These nights have given a lot back to the community, while simultaneously getting to the bottom of their fist fight issue. Pitbull Night in particular has worked tirelessly with the PSCA to house pitbulls, who are often given a bad reputation due to dog stereotypes. Likewise, they have managed to maintain a decent living for both themselves and the local animal shelters. However, despite these local entrepreneurial endeavours, customers were unhappy. The boycotting did not start, however, until Dicky’s announced that their St. Patty’s night would be a remembrance prayer led by a local Catholic priest. Communion was given at this event, and although the wine was replaced with beer to support the Irish, it was watered down significantly, much to hopeful consumers’ dismay.

The business has been receiving many negative reviews since, and while they seem to be staying relatively afloat, only time will tell what will become of former local favourite, Dicky’s.

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