Completing your undergraduate bucket list

Some guidelines to keep in mind for Mt. A students hoping to graduate in May 2024

Navigating the final years of university can be a stressful experience, particularly when faced with the impending transition into the adult world. Part-time work, early morning classes, figuring out what path to take after graduating — prospective graduates have to juggle through a plethora of dilemmas.  While securing a job or planning for a postgraduate master’s program may seem like the standard path after graduation, there are essential steps that must be taken to even reach that milestone. Keep in mind that this is not a complete guideline and that this article may not hold all the work that is to be done before graduation. It is aimed to create a pathway for you to work through with the registrar to ensure your candidacy to graduate in May. Before we can officially graduate, completing all required courses is just the beginning; additional tasks are crucial to ensuring a smooth transition into the next phase of life.


Consider taking your graduation picture, an optional but ideal step for your future. There are graduation photoshoots being advertised all over campus, and you should connect with them if you are interested. As per the Mount Allison website, the Bookstore offers services to graduating students, including gown rentals for grad photos, grad rings, and diploma frames. The International Centre as well as other students hold events to take graduation pictures, and I would recommend checking the information board at the Wallace Student Centre to get in touch with these talented photographers.


Verify that you submitted the degree audit form: a form that is used to keep track of the courses a student has taken to ensure they are fulfilling their requirements for their major or minor. It can be found on the Mt. A website under ‘Plan your degree’, and it was required to be sent to the Registrar’s Office by Fall 2023. If you have not submitted it and are planning to graduate in May 2024 then get in touch with the Registrar’s Office immediately as you may not be qualified to graduate in May 2024. If you have already submitted your degree audit form and want to review your current degree planning status then you can also confirm your official graduation eligibility with the Registrar’s Office.


The prospective graduation list for May 2024 was sent out to your Mt. A email recently from the Registrar’s Office, and you are required to carefully examine this list. The requirements are to verify the accuracy of your name, major, minors, certificates, and hometown. It is crucial to confirm your inclusion in the May 2024 graduation list. If your name is missing, promptly complete the necessary forms. Deposit degree audit forms in the Drop Box on the 2nd Floor West, Wallace McCain Student Centre, or send scanned copies to [email protected].


If you are uncertain about your degree audit and want to have it verified, use the Prospective Grad List Problems form provided in the email from the registrar. Another important point to note is that if you have taken courses at another institution, ensure that an official transcript with final grades reaches the Registrar’s Office by April 30, 2024, to maintain eligibility for May 2024 graduation.


Stay informed about any changes or additions to the 2024 prospective graduation list through email notifications. Revised lists will be posted as necessary, reflecting corrections and additions if you recently contacted the registrar to make changes. Therefore make sure you are on the list, the last thing you want is inviting your family for graduation in May just to find out that you only invited them to watch your friends graduate!


By addressing these final responsibilities, you will be well-prepared to navigate the final steps of your university journey and successfully transition into the next chapter of your life. While these may not be all the steps, these are some of the prominent ones and you can confirm with the Registrar’s Office for any concerns. For students who want to be on top of their degree planning, explore the degree planning prompt on which allows students to keep track of their progress in their current degree, and I highly recommend students take advantage of this. The Interstellar scene where Matthew McConaughey cries loudly when he regrets leaving Earth is the same feeling I get when I remember myself not using this amazing feature on Self Service, as I have had to endure a messy schedule due to a lack of planning.

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