Conduct Becoming: music on our streets

Nicole Kelley on performing and producing for a cause

For Sackville nightlife-goers or those in the music community, Conduct Becoming is a familiar name. A showcase staple of downtown bars, this charitable organization has been producing tunes and supporting Canadian Cancer research since 2001. Nicole Kelley, the 2023/24 society president, joined me for a conversation celebrating another year of music anticipating the release of their annual album.


Currently in her second year, this Mt. A Commerce major has been producing music for nearly a decade, and singing for longer. “I love producing,” she shares: “as soon as I saw you could be part of an album that comes out [online] I was like, well, duh, of course I want to be a part of that, who wouldn’t?” 


Originally formed with the goal of raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society, Conduct Becoming is, according to their website, “dedicated to the memory of Jason Abraham, a Mt. A student and a victim to cancer”. Members of the society have the opportunity to perform in monthly musical showcases, fundraise for cancer research, or develop songs of their own to be recorded, produced, and released in an album at the end of every academic year.


“I remember my audition so vividly,” Kelley adds, “I played an instrumental of one of my songs and I sang. […] Bob Corn just sits there, and he asks, ‘do you want to be part of our exec’?” Bob Corn is the beloved 2023 graduate known for his self-produced music and his collaborative nature — just one of the countless students who contributed to Conduct Becoming during their times at Mt. A. Kylie Fox is another established name with her roots in this society.

Kelley participated last year as a co-producer; president of the society is an admirable step up, though challenging. Following the audition process, development for the album is an entirely internal collaboration: all the work is completed by members of the Mt. A community—primarily students. “We are only a club of 15 people, max, […] And I think I have ten songs I am working on — I would not want any more,” she laughs.


Despite the challenges of mounting a project as bold as this, Kelley is up for the challenge: “this club gives me a sense of control. With what is going on in the world, I feel like I am actually doing something that is good and helping. Not only that, I am helping others achieve something […] people say ‘this is a dream I have had since I was young.’ […]  Well, you are doing it, you know? You do not have to do it all on your own. […] It is like, ‘fly, little bird’,” she laughs. 


With aims to fundraise more before the academic year ends, the society has been experimenting with different events this semester such as a themed Lady Gaga showcase on January 26, and “blind date with a book” sales of February 29. Their upcoming St. Patty’s showcase, on March 17, will be their second-to-last performance of the year. They will be performing at Ducky’s, beginning at 4 p.m. with a cover charge of $5. For further information, keep up-to-date on their Instagram, @conductbecoming. 


As for this year’s album, development is currently in full swing. I was treated to a demo of Kylie Vienneau’s upcoming original song in the album and adored the evocative lyrics and melancholic vocals that are just some of the wonderful talent on this project. Kelley aims to release the album in late spring but shared that to get a final product they can be proud of, Conduct Becoming will wait as long as it takes — changing the world one song at a time. 

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