I wanna be a rock store

Meet Dave. Dave owns a sweet mustache, a vibrant suspender collection and your local rock store.

Dave’s Rock Emporium at 15 Bridge Street is Sackville’s only source of quality new and used LPs, bold jacket buttons, decorative posters and polished rocks. Having opened in July, it is the newest addition to the downtown streetscape.

In his spare time, Dave likes “going to the beach, collecting rocks and hanging out with my kids.”

Before becoming our local rock star, family man Dave was a military photographer, videographer and aircraft mechanic for 33 years, with his last posting in Alberta. Dave then retired to Sackville, leaving behind the reels of film and the feels of flight.  

Bonus Rock Facts: Dave’s favourite colour is yellow and ‘Rumors’ by Fleetwood Mac is the store’s best seller, so far. Gillian Hill/Argosy

The idea for the store came in several parts: The initial concept was to open a mineral store, as he and his wife have made rock collecting a hobby of theirs for many years. The inspiration for a record store came from a CBC radio program that Dave heard one day, detailing the resurgence of vinyl in popular culture. The two ventures combined under the convenient homonym of a “Rock Emporium.” Dave established his store here in Sackville based on its reputation for creativity and its centrality in the maritime region.

Since its establishment over two months ago, the shop has seen a great amount of success due to an influx of tourism over the summer. Sappyfest was an especially useful event to bolster the shop’s presence in town. The Emporium has sold hundreds of records, posters and rocks.  They continue to order and stock up on popular and alternative albums as well as wall art.

“The first time I went to Dave’s, I found a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard record – so I automatically had to go back. They had cool people, cool pins and a record I didn’t expect to see in Sackville,” town resident Hannah Melanson said.

As for the future of the shop, Dave says that he would like more feedback from his customers on what they’d like to see in the shop. “This is Sackville’s record store, so it’s up to everyone to help it grow.” He also outlined plans to add more shelving, and a lounge area in the front of the shop.

If you want to help support Dave’s rock addiction, you can be like us and buy three copies of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Happy Birthday, or donate your old vinyl collection to a good home.

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