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Struts Gallery presents a Video Production Workshop Series
Ranz Bontogon - Argosy Photographer
Ranz Bontogon - Argosy Photographer

Have you ever wanted to film and edit your own videos? An embarrassing digital footprint of preteen YouTube clips speaks to my own interest. If you are, then Sackville’s beloved Struts Gallery might have just the thing for both of us: a Video Production Workshop Series. 


Facilitated by Lucas Morneau, Production Manager at Struts, a series of five workshops, starting inJanuary and ending in May 2024, will cover a range of information and instruction about video production. Functioning as standalone workshops, that can be done individually or together, the instruction is open to newbies and film-familiars alike:


“This workshop series that we are doing delves into

in a way that anyone who is looking to learn how to use a digital camera can come in and at least learn something, or if you already know [the basics] and want to learn more about some of the nicer equipment you can learn through that as well.” 


Struts Gallery has been making a name in the Maritimes, as their website describes, as “the only media arts centre in Atlantic Canada that supports all forms of media art including audio, film, video, and new media.” Many of the gallery’s multidisciplinary resources fall under Morneau’s jurisdiction. They joined Struts Gallery in September 2020, during a period when programming at the gallery was, as they describe, “in flux because of shutdowns and the pandemic. We are trying to get back onto our feet with it, especially with workshops. During the pandemic what we focused on was more or less tech tutorials of specific cameras, how to use them, and like the pros and cons [of] those cameras.” 


The organization boasts an impressive amount of film equipment available to community members through different means: professional cinema and mirrorless (DSLR) cameras, film such as super8 and 16mm, audio equipment such as boom mics, recorders, and mixers, a 3D printer, and even a post-production suite above the gallery. All of these are available for rent (provided members have completed an introductory lesson on using the equipment), or through programs such as “Volunteer for Gear,” where credit towards renting equipment can instead come from volunteer hours through the gallery. 


These current workshops are what Morneau terms “more hands-on.” The first two, in January and March , served as general introductions to digital cameras and film resources in the Struts space.


“I’m sure that a lot of people kind of just think that these professional cameras and you just see [use] automatic setting[s] to shoot,” Morneau shares, “but really, to get the best shots you have to know the gear, and knowing the terms of colour profiles or aperture and shutter speed. A lot of people, when they get to photography, do not know that information.”


The next workshop, Introduction to Lighting, will occur on March 23 from 1-3 p.m. This workshop will explore different kinds of video lighting, “and playing with that within your film. But also we will be looking at DIY ways of creating nice lighting: using north-facing windows, even shower curtains to diffuse light.” Saturday, April 20 will see an introduction to audio production in video. All of these coalesce into the last workshop on May 4, an introduction to editing video specifically using DaVinci Resolve, a software Morneau commends for its free online version and one-time paid professional software (one might look to the toils of subscription-based programs for comparison). 


“Going from taking your phone and just pushing record with an automatic setting to having a proper camera with a nicer lens, a nicer sensor, and more control, just gives you so many opportunities in filmmaking or in video.”


For Struts members, each workshop is $10, or $25 for non-members. For those interested in attending multiple workshops, Morneau highlights the benefits of a Struts membership, greatly reducing the fees and providing access to many other community and media resources.


To learn more about the workshops, the gallery’s resources, and programming, visit or contact Morneau personally at [email protected].

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