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Young musicians often ponder which assets are necessary to become like the talented musicians that inspire them. This is what drives musicians to master what they love doing: the challenge of bringing their talents to life innovatively, striving to become a household name.
To help answer this, Mount Allison music students will gain a deeper understanding of the skills required through the instruction and performance of pianist David Jalbert on Friday, Nov. 27. He will hold a masterclass and recital and showcase why he is recognized as one of Canada’s finest pianists. Last Friday’s concert featured works entirely by Stravinsky with special guest Jasper Wood; Jalbert will have his turn at performing works by Stravinsky this coming Friday.
Jalbert’s first appearance on Friday will be a piano masterclass at 12:30 p.m. in Brunton Auditorium. The aim of this event is to show the audience what each musician needs to focus on to improve. From this, musicians in other disciplines can determine if any of the introduced and applicable techniques relate to their own musical studies. Attending voice, solo and collaborative piano masterclasses help inform students about how to convey musical ideas past what is written in the musical score. Jalbert will fulfill a critical component of the masterclass: to offer a new perspective on the existing interpretation of each performer’s repertoire, suggesting ways to enhance their performance to its fullest ability.
Later in the evening, Jalbert will perform a recital entitled “Soiree Parisienne,” performing works by French composers Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc, as well as Stravinsky. Through this variety of works, his playing will emphasize assets that make a performer successful. Jalbert has been applauded for his excellent technique, as well as his ability to play delicately while still conveying a wide spectrum of expression. For example, The Winnipeg Free Press stated: “Jalbert combines superb technique with mature artistry and unrestrained emotion, bringing listeners enhanced understanding of composers’ inten-tions.”
Music students will want to take full advantage of the chance to learn from Jalbert. It will be an opportunity to experience the qualities that made him an accomplished musician and explore how these tools can guide one’s own musical endeavours.

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