Mixed Tape: Sack Rock Deep Cuts

Each week, The Argosy asks a member of the Sackville community to create a mixtape playlist on a theme or topic of their choosing.

At first the theme for this mix was going to be Sweet Songs of the East Coast, but that proved too challenging a list to narrow down. Sack Rock Classics also proved too large and formidable a task, so here’s Sack Rock Deep Cuts, a highly biased look at the underbelly of the Sack Rock scene.

“Big Hoss”—Golf War 

(The Golf War EP)

The Golf War EP is an instant classic, and this opening track is a Descendents-tinged ode to a bong. Perfect for any riotous house party or afternoon buzzathon.

“Aint’nuff”—Faceless Babes 

(Rat King II)

The one and only track released by the appropriately monikered mysterious hermits. Faceless Babes manage to be all at once deranged and detached, sloppy and suave, swaggery yet sincere. The song is a frustrated love freakout with an excellent and most soulful solo, and some great, great lines. A sexy Sack Rock deep cut.

Candy Coloured Clown—The Moany Jitchells

(Rat King II)

Sources say there is an EP floating around, but the current release by the Moany Jitchells extols everything that made/makes them an incredible live band: the songwriting, sublime vocal interplay, interminable groove, and the appealing sense of composedness with waves of feeling bubbling just below the surface, ready to blow.


Wall of noise, ghost sounds, bone-chilling guitar wails, beautiful harmonies. Transcendent sonic experience for the body and the soul.

7—Astral Gunk

(Split EP)

This is only a deep cut because it hasn’t been released yet. Coming soon in a split with CROSSS. Song’s really awesome, cool art work. 

“Seven / seven people like my band / including me.”

Punk as Fuck—Kappa Chow

This is not that much of a deep cut because everyone knows this song, but it is very hard to get a hold of. A badass, joyous live experience.

There are lots more Sack Rock Deep Cuts, but nobody likes to be overwhelmed.

Lucifer Niles is the lead singer of the Mouthbreathers.

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