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Rocket Culture and Tantrum Art play Pickles last Saturday night.

Pickles was packed to the gills Saturday night when the sandwich shop served up two unconventional acts alongside their usual menu of Salami Pretzels and Sappy Snackers. Rocket Culture and Tantrum Art took centre-deli, and brought each of their unique sounds to a full house. Like always, tables were cleared in order to fit in the bands, but if this modest-sized venue is going to keep bringing in such a high calibre of talent (let alone one of the group’s size), then they might have to start packing people in behind the counter. Rocket Culture hails from Moncton, New Brunswick, and are a five-piece prog-rock tour-de-force. The band emerged out of some declining Moncton bands such as Fire Story Fire, Secret Agent, The Swiftkicks, The Tireless Sedans, and the Kamikaze Survival Guide. Out of this diverse history, and by some strange fate, Alexandre Ladouceur (guitar, vocals), Ross Cole (synth, keyboard), Colin Gauvin (bass, vocals), Benjamin Buchanan (drums), and Jenna Gallant (keyboard) all came together to make up Rocket Culture. They hit the stage first and came out with a bang. Their intricate and complexly progressive tunes were almost a rude awaking to the Sackville crowd, reminding them that metal is a genre worth considering. Rocket Culture is a mix of progressive rock, metal, industrial, and a pinch of electronica. Lodouceur, the lead guitarist and singer, had his instrument and vocals running through more effects then Daft Punk in a recording studio. They are a truly innovative band with their marriage of genres and technologies. However—and perhaps this is just a consequence of the space—some of the intricacies were lost behind a wall of sound. Also, with such a big band, both in members and in sound, it was hard to hear the vocals in such a small space. This did not faze the band whatsoever, because they put on a performance that did not disappoint. Surely, the next time they play Sackville, the confines of the local deli won’t be able to hold them back. Next to hit the stage is one of Sackville’s most anticipated new bands, Tantrum Art, comprised of a local Sackville celebrity, Dave of Pickles, and some profs playing their blend of funk and blues. Tantrum Art, as said, is Dave Hunter on drums; economics professors Frank Strain on guitar, and Stephen Law slapping the bass; Tim Reiffenstein, professor of geography and environmental studies on the ivory keys; and Ron Kelly Spurles, the Executive Director of the Tantramar Heritage Trust, filled in on the mic from time to time. Hunter started their performance with a communal chant to create positive vibes so Ducky’s would open soon. The first thing that stood out when Tantrum Art started playing is that Law can rock it on the bass. They were a great blend of funk, rock and blues that shook the house. A highly entertaining band with an old school sound, they are someone to look out for if you are looking for a funky, rock filled night.

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