Student Testimonial: Irene Garmendia

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce with a Minor in Psychology

Grad Year: 2025

Hometown: Madrid, Spain


My favourite experience at Mt. A:

Although it is hard to choose just one, my favourite experience was the first couple of weeks during orientation. You could really feel everyone‘s excitement in the air and it was when I met most of my current friends!


Something different or surprising I experienced:

The biggest difference I experienced here would definitely be the winter season. There is lots and lots of snow and way colder temperatures than what we have at home!


Words of advice:

My biggest piece of advice for someone considering studying abroad is to go into the experience with an open mind, ready to meet new people, and try new things!

Why I would recommend it:

I would recommend attending Mt. A because it has such a welcoming community. As someone who is not from around here, Sackville has very easily become a home away from home.


In collaboration with Mt. A’s International Centre. Edited by The Argosy.

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