Student Testimonial: Rika Hirayama

Degree: International Relations

Grad Year: 2023 Fall MASSIE Program

Hometown: Nagoya, Japan

My time at Mt. A:

I study international relations at a Japanese university, but at Mt. A, I participated in the MASSIE program, so I studied English intensively. You learn by writing, listening, reading, speaking, and thinking while also studying for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) and Canadian culture. It is a program that specializes in English, so it is perfect for people who want to improve their English skills. Moreover, it is not a language school, but a university program, so you can enjoy life at a Canadian university. I recommend this experience,  not only for those who want to learn English, but also for those who want to experience local culture, values, and make friends with people from other countries through participation in various communities.

Massie students are great at switching between their native language and English. There is an English-only rule in the classroom, and everyone tries their best to speak English. You will enjoy a fun class where everyone gets to speak. You can participate in activities every weekend and have a fun-filled holiday. You can visit various places in Sackville and experience Canadian culture. My best memory is the Karaoke BBQ, where each resident performed a creative dance. It is a good opportunity to get to know the members of the dormitory. We gathered in the morning and night to practice dance as part of a group. We wore the same t-shirt as the residence and had our faces painted in the residence’s colors of blue and yellow. We also tried the corn maze. It was very difficult. When we went to Prince Edward Island, where Anne of Green Gables is set, we tried cosplaying as Anne. We also had experience doing radio shows and served as a radio personality for an hour.


In collaboration with Mt. A’s International Centre. Edited by The Argosy.

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