‘Tis the season of peppermint!

Must-try snacks for the holiday season

It is the most wonderful time of the year for snacking! Foodies across the globe will be thrilled to be baking and cooking. The taste of peppermint is a definite flavour of the season and a holiday classic, making baking and drinks more mouth-watering and comforting. Most children grow up associating the taste of peppermint with the holiday season, and it makes many delicious snacks even better. From minty-fresh candy canes, to peppermint hot chocolate, to peppermint patties, to peppermint bark, and peppermint fudges! The flavour is everywhere and in so many beloved snacks. Peppermint is one of the most versatile flavours that can melt into other flavours without overpowering them. Get your apron and rolling pin out and ready your oven, here are some must-try holiday snacks.


As soon as Halloween is over, coffee shops across Canada quickly put out all their winter holiday drinks. We say a sad goodbye to the beloved pumpkin spice and a thrilled hello to peppermint! Most of those drinks are some form of delicious peppermint coffee and peppermint hot chocolate. Whether you put a candy cane in your mug or pour some artificial flavouring or syrup, you are guaranteed a tasty drink.


Over the years, people have found an extensive number of baked goods to add peppermint to. Melting chocolate, sprinkling candy cane bits on top, and freezing it to make a simple chocolate bark, or adding some peppermint syrup to cookie dough can take a simple treat to the next level. Another classic baking recipe is making peppermint patties. The chocolatey dough and sweet peppermint cream is a mouth-watering taste. Crushing up candy canes and putting them in sugar cookie dough or on top of a fudge makes a sweet-tooth-curing treat that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Of course, no holiday season is complete without a gingerbread house, but have you tried adding mint icing to it? It is a very sweet and iconic flavour to try. Simply thinking about these treats can make you hungry. 

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From your grandma’s oldest holiday recipe to new recipes that you find on Google, peppermint treats will surely make your tastebuds melt. Enjoying these next few months with some classic peppermint-flavoured  snacks will bring your mood up after the stress of exams. Be bold, and add some peppermint to your baking and drinks. Enjoy the versatile flavours of the season and make sure to add some minty sweetness to your baking.

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