Who doesn’t love free stuff?

If there is one constant in our chaotic world, it is that students love free stuff. Any opportunity to save money is always a win. Therefore, for my fellow Mt. A students who love books, I have opportunities to get them for free!


Over the summer I encountered a slew of videos on TikTok referring to something called “Stuff Your Kindle Day,” showcasing the availability of free books. This, of course, was intriguing. Looking into it further, I found an opportunity I fully took advantage of.


Run by a website called Romance Bookworms, the event is simple. For a period of one to three days, you can download books from a selection of hundreds for free. No subscriptions and no strings attached. Authors make their books available at no cost for the event. Readers are able to download and keep these books forever. Although it is called “Stuff Your Kindle Day,” you don’t actually need a Kindle tablet to participate. Some books are available on platforms other than Amazon, such as Apple Books, but all you need to access the Amazon-only titles is an account and a free app. You simply have to log into both Amazon and the Kindle app and any books you pick out will be automatically added to your library! It is as easy as can be!


The selection offered for “Stuff Your Kindle Day” is made up of romance novels, but the categories available within that genre are vast. All of the books available are listed with a short description on the Romance Bookworms site, each linked to their store pages. I had no difficulty finding the right pages on Amazon Canada through these links as long as I stayed logged in on my device. The webpage is organized into lists of romance books in different sub genres from contemporary romance to sci-fi romance. Whatever your taste in romance, there is something for you! The last “Stuff Your Kindle Day” started on September 20, and the next is December 27, so mark your calendars!

For those who want free books a little sooner, similar events will be occurring in October and November!


For those less romance-inclined there is the “Terrify Your Tablet” event (formally called “Spook Your Kindle”). Sponsored and run by Horrorsmith Publishing, this event is effectively the horror author’s answer to the “Stuff Your Kindle” event. Occurring on October 31, readers will be able to download horror books for free!


For audiobook fans, there will be a “Stuff Your Earbuds Day” on November 30. This event is run by Romance Audio-Bookworms and will be similarly romance-focused. Keep an eye out for more opportunities for free stuff as we at the Argosy try to keep you up to date!

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