As of Shine Day, Sept. 9, Mount Allison’s Shinerama chapter was five hundred dollars short of surpassing their fundraising goal of $35,000. Founded in 1964, Shinerama is the largest Canadian post-secondary fundraiser. Every year, students across the country raise money for the research of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a fatal genetic disease affecting the lungs, digestive […]

Last week, Motyer-Fancy Theatre celebrated feminist theatre in an evening of one acts. Fourth-year honours English student Victoria Valliere directed a play she composed in collaboration with her cast. The script was an amalgamation of  Shakespearean quotes entitled These Last Four Years. Fourth-year drama major Anna Shepard directed This Is For You, Anna, a piece […]

Last week magicians, angels and devils were seen gliding, crawling and scrambling across the Motyer-Fancy Theatre’s stage in a production of Dr. Faustus. Christopher Marlowe’s 16th-century play tells the story of a German scholar who, dissatisfied with the conventional forms of knowledge available to him, decides to dabble in magic and the sinister arts. This […]

Last Friday, Canadian banjoist Jayme Stone performed in Brunton auditorium with three fellow musicians from across North America. The quartet combined folk music and story through their blending of banjo, double bass, fiddle, accordion, guitar and beautiful four-part vocal harmonies. Stone has collaborated with a wide range of different musicians throughout his work on various […]

Playwright, actor, director and filmmaker Mieko Ouchi spoke last Wednesday in the Motyer Fancy theatre. A multi-talented gift to the Canadian arts world, Ouchi spoke on her journey to success in theatre, offering words of encouragement to aspiring drama students. She presented at Mount Allison as part of a week of guest lecturing in New […]

As global warming and climate change continue to impact our lives, it is vital that we are educated on the topic of environmental conservation and appreciation. This past Wednesday at Sackville’s Vogue theatre, freelance production company VideoBand put on a “docfest,” or a mini festival of documentaries, to do just that. The festival was put […]

Canada produces eighty percent of the world’s maple syrup, so it seems logical that over the course of time the sweet syrup has become a symbol of national identity. The delicacy is tied to Canada’s environment, culture, cuisine, politics, science and economy. These ties were explored in Elizabeth Jewett’s lecture, “Tapping the History of Commodity […]

This week, Unity 1918, written by Kevin Kerr and directed by Samantha Wilson, is being performed at Mount Allison’s Motyer Fancy theatre. Set in the small Canadian town of Unity, SK, the play addresses the effects of the First World War on residents and the incoming threat of the Spanish Influenza. I sat down with […]

It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity – about each other, about ourselves and, on Bell Let’s Talk day, about the flaws of corporate involvement in highly publicized glamorization of mental health and mental health awareness. This past Tuesday, students Carly Penrose and Alanna Stewart chose to move past this and […]

It was a welcome respite to step out of the wind and cold and into the warmth and peace of the Mount Allison Chapel for an hour of organ music last Friday evening. The resounding tones of the organ, played by Nicholas Veltmeyer, organist and pianist from Halifax, ushered people into the room. This performance […]