Last Wednesday, students and Sackville community members packed into Gracie’s in anticipation of the Mount Allison Jazz Ensemble’s final concert of the semester. A culmination of this past school year’s practices and performances, the concert, featuring an array of jazz styles, expertly showcased the genre’s inherent diversity. While it may appear to those outside Mt. […]

With the slowly rising temperatures, lengthening days and upcoming finals-season panic, spring’s arrival feels imminent. For many senior students, spring brings something else to look forward to: graduation. Apart from the speeches and distribution of diplomas, an important part of the collegiate graduation tradition is the valedictory address. Last week, the 2017 grad class voted […]

Students and community members gathered in the Owens art gallery on March 7 for the second annual awarding of the Marie Hammond-Callaghan Women’s History Prize. The annual award was created by Mount Allison’s history and women’s and gender studies (WGST) departments in order to recognize Hammond-Callaghan’s contributions to those fields. As the only full-time WGST […]

There are few times in the academic year when spirits are as high as during the week of Wampbell Cup. For the past three years, two of the university’s largest residences, Windsor and Campbell, have assembled hockey teams that face off in the rink at the Tantramar Veterans’ Memorial Civic Centre, attracting a huge crowd […]

Last Friday, just over a dozen students attended the “Test of Privilege” organized by the student run Multicultural Organization and Social Arena for International Cooperation (MOSAIC). Intended to help people understand the effects of societal privilege, the activity enabled participants to draw comparisons between their lives and those of their counterparts in attendance. The test […]

Take the ‘Model’ out of Model UN and the scene at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Montreal would almost certainly have been cause for alarm. The ballroom was crammed with eager student members of an assortment of delegations and schools, present and waiting for the opening ceremonies. The massive projector screens that flanked the centre […]

Mount Allison’s popular student-edited journal, 7 Mondays, is once again on the line to have its levy revoked. If the student body votes against continuing to fund the journal, which compiles student-submitted works of photography and creative writing, there may not be future editions. The referendum to decide the journal’s fate will coincide with the […]

If you seriously think tangerine is the new pink, you should probably stay away from Con Hall for the next few weeks – you might get locked up by the fashion police. The volunteer cast and crew of the Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society (G&G) have been rehearsing for hours each week since late […]

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a global investment tycoon, but felt like you couldn’t because you’re already majoring in philosophy? Last Thursday, students were given the chance to live out this alternative reality by participating in the third-year International Marketing class’ mock “International Fair,” where they could speak with “salespeople” and discuss market goals […]

Sackville’s mercantile community held an array of coordinated events to entice buyers this past weekend. Under the moniker “Midnight Madness,” many local shops remained open long past regular hours, attracting business late into the evening. Advertized as the “local shop event of the year,” Midnight Madness began in the afternoon and attracted dozens of residents […]