Argosy alumna wins Crake-Sawdon

Carly Levy - Lea FoyGraduating student Carly Levy was announced late last week as the latest recipient of the Crake-Sawdon Award. The Crake-Sawdon Award is given to one student per year who balance a full-time course load with “an outstanding contribution to The Argosy.”

Hailing from Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, the anthropology student worked at The Argosy for three years: two years as News Writer, and most recently as Editor-in-Chief and President of Argosy Publications.

As writer, she worked hard to keep students and permanent residents informed on changes in their community, covering everything from the Memorial Library anti-demolition efforts to Sackville’s annual Winterfest. As editor, Levy retained her local focus, and worked to build the paper’s editorial content around students and the town.

Levy also oversaw the culmination of a four-year redesign process, pursuing several design improvements, as well as overhauling the production process, resulting in a cleaner, more professional student paper.

Crake-Sawdon Committee Chair Owen Griffiths said the Committee was impressed by Levy’s dedication and resumé. “This was someone who dedicated three of her five years here to The Argosy and its publication. We thought that was particularly meritorious,” Griffiths said. “It was a considerable investment of time and energy over a three-year period.”

The Crake-Sawdon Award, first awarded in 2002, was named in memory of William Sawdon, Editor-in-Chief of The Argosy, owner and publisher of the Sackville Tribune-Post, and long-time board member of the Crake Foundation.

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