Cranewood On Main hosts a cozy and tasteful winter social night

Retro Kissed Events invites community to warm up with hot drinks, food, and live music at homely local bakery

Tantramar celebrated its 17th annual Winter Fest this year, bringing a variety of fun and relaxing activities to the community. Among these many lively events was the Cranewood Winter Social. Attendees were enlightened with hot drinks, delicious dishes, and live local performers, all under the snug and rustic atmosphere of the Cranewood Bakery. 

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From February 9 to 11 of 2024, Winter Fest brought the municipality of Tantramar to life. Family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities brought the community together, bringing lots of light to the mid-winter gloom. Events included a women’s dessert night, the Let It Be Love stage play at Live Bait Theatre, an outdoor party, barbeque, and fireworks, an evening snowshoe, hockey game, and much more. Some events, contests, and auctions were also fundraisers for local community support.

Marz Kaleta, owner of Retro Kissed Events, is the genius behind planning the Cranewood Winter Social. Cranewood was very generous to offer its stunning historic building for the event. A ravishing menu of cocktails and comfort meals was planned and prepared by Chef Kim Martin. The menu featured dishes such as falafel bowls, vegetable curry, chili fries, chicken and waffles, and more. Special seasonal drinks included hot toddies, spiked apple cider, and glogg. Additionally, special guests Steve Haley, Jet Belliveau, and Caleb Hayes, brought their musical talents to the stage. Tickets were $10 at the door, with $2 from each purchase going directly to Marshview Middle School’s Québec Trip. 

Upon entry, attendees were welcomed by the calm, candlelit atmosphere of the bakery. The tables were nicely set with menus and lists of the musical performances for the evening. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating throughout the event. Many visitors dressed in lovely rustic and old-fashioned attire, adding to the overall aesthetic of the social. The house was filled with the smell of savoury and sweet meals and treats. Kim Martin and the Cranewood staff did an impeccable job with their delicious food, drinks, and desserts. People gathered in the main room to witness the musical talents of Jet, Caleb, and Steve. They gave the audience a wonderful performance, each showcasing their unique styles of music. 

Overall, the evening was a wonderful wrap-up to the week of Winter Fest, and the community is excited to see what next year’s social will bring. In the meantime, check out Cranewood’s Facebook for future dinners presented by Chef Kim Martin, including the Valentine’s menu on February 14, 16, and 17. Retro Kissed Events is looking forward to a teen youth music event in early spring or summer, with artists from various genres, workshops and demos, and possibly some visual artists. Their Facebook page will be updated with information on upcoming events in the future.

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