Financial advice offered by Economics Professor

Simply look at these graphs and get your money up
Quartknee Rickhard – The Anarchy

Breaking news! As all Mt. St. A students know, our tuition is one of the highest in Canada and many are struggling to make ends meet. But fear no more, an intro economics professor has offered advice to broke students: simply do not be. Plus, look at these cool graphs that mean absolutely nothing. 

As everyone who has taken an economics course at Mt. St. A knows, economics is extremely challenging and quite useless. But, one dreary morning in Grabtree, while an econ professor was lecturing about pointless game theory, he squeezed in an important life lesson for the broke and struggling students. He drew out a simple y=mx+b graph on the board and  labeled it “Simply don’t be broke” (of course in black because all economics professors are colourblind).  The crowd erupted in applause. People gave the professor a standing ovation. Lives were changed! So, if any readers of The Anarchy are wondering how so many students got instantly loaded, they should take an econ course!

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