From the archives: Smoking In Dining Halls (?)

From the archives brings you old news today. As time passes, the news we report on changes, as does the way we report on it. Conversely, we’ve been covering some of the same issues since 1872. Today, students request dietary accommodation and a functional soft-serve machine. In 1970, we were worried about our right to light up while enjoying a meal served by wait staff.

Thurs. March 20, 1970: vol. 99, issue 22.

During discussion of the Dining Hall Committee Constitution, by the S.A.C. on Tuesday night, Ron Muir (‘72) questioned the legality of the Dining Hall Committee’s legislating on smoking in the Dining Halls. In answer to Mr. Muir, Ian Scott (Secretary) pointed out that the committee had interpreted the clause concerning “orderly running of the facilities” as their legal ability to make the ruling, President Robertson mentioned that at the present time, there are no ash trays available, which would mean that students would butt cigarettes in their dishes. However, Mr. Robertson also added: “It is now up to the Dining Hall Committee to seek out student opinion on this issue. At such time as student opinion is obtained, the S.A.C. will direct the Committee in the direction of their smoking regulation. It would seem in order that Dining Hall Committee conduct an opinion poll.” The Constitution was once again tabled and returned to the Committee for this further discussion of powers given to head waiters in enforcing regulations.

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