Library renovations spark Renaissance

Buildings in need have been fully upgraded

The RuPaul Bell Library has undergone extensive renovations this past year, despite the outcries of disabled students stating that their fiercely bright aesthetic is significantly troublesome. Other students were outraged that many buildings in dire need of renovation were overlooked, namely Biggaylow House and Shart Hall, both of which have been falling apart for years. Though these renovations proved to be exactly what students were gravely worried about, Mt. St. A has decided to right some of their wrongs in an unconventional way.

The Waldo McCain Study Center has been renovated in a similar fashion, encased in specially engineered prismatic glass to ensure that the building is bright at all times. They paid for this by selling the walls that formerly supplied the building with private offices and meeting rooms, opting for a more open space to mirror the university’s accepting atmosphere.

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Following suit, Biggaylow House has seen renovations as well. Prior to renovations, their metal roofing had been flying away in the Ballsackville wind, nearly injuring students. Now, students can worry no more, as the building has been stripped of its roof entirely. Given that at least half of the school year is filled with sunshine, the university is not worried about weather conditions in the dorms. While students have several worries on the matter, only students on the top floor will be affected by Mother Nature’s inclinations. In the event of a major storm, however, Mt. St. A has supplied residence leaders with a see-through tarp to allow Biggaylow residents to look up in awe at the falling rain, sleet, or snow.

The final building in this major renovation spree to be affected is Shart Hall, a building so wracked by decades of structural problems that students and faculty were beginning to riot. The mould is now gone, replaced by bright, white paint, and the once-creaky floors are now a new and improved linoleum. Perhaps the largest and most controversial change to the building is the removal of all stairways. Shart Hall has never had an elevator, making it a chore for disabled students to access. Now, in a shocking turn of events, they have likewise removed their stairways in an attempt at equality. “We wanted to ensure that everyone was on equal footing, so to speak” stated Mt. St. A’s leadership. Classes have been particularly difficult, and while some students and faculty have made strides in discovering new and interesting ways to make it to class (namely via rope, pulleys, and ladders), the majority have resorted to staying home.

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