Do STEM students deserve rights?

I certainly don’t think so

STEM students are plaguing the Mt. St. A campus. You may see them lurking around in their stupid tie-dye lab coats and an approximately 6.02214076 × 10²³ inch stick up their ass. They will be quick to tell you about their crippling workload and the five three-hour labs they have, but breaking news, WE DO NOT CARE! I simply do not want to hear about the fetal pig you dissected in the lab — that is absolutely vile. Do not get me started on their superiority complex. Despite their alleged intelligence, they fail to realize that university is hard for everyone and they really are not that special. 

Upendra Adhikari – The Anarchy

All this being said, many students are questioning if STEM students truly deserve rights on Mt. St. A campus. In my expert opinion as an arts student, I think that all STEM students are special in their own way (but not in a good way). To regain their rights within the Mt. St. A society, I recommend all STEM students be subjected to therapy to cure their academic anxiety and to take a minimum of four bullshit arts courses.

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