You stole my ability to dream!

I hate capitalism: a very honest rant

I can’t even have a peaceful sleep without you making so much noise above my head. You find joy in tormenting me; you scream productivity and dedication up and down but what you really mean is a joyless life infused with overworking. How can you tell me that I need more than one stream of income to survive? How dare you! Are you God!? How can one person be comfortable with owning over 200 billion dollars? They get to sleep peacefully and I can’t? You are not the product of sheer luck or hard work. You are a man-made construct that was built on inequality and the abuse of power to fuel the God complex of the 1% while the rest of us beg for our daily bread.

 If you really cared about hard work, then the Bangladeshi women who work in the garment factories would be millionaires. If you were built on fairness, children would not be mining cobalt in the Congo. If you rewarded productivity and hard work, then Ethiopian farmers would not be making one dollar per day after they till the ground with their blood and sweat for coffee beans. I find your pretence and lack of accountability disgusting. It is utterly appalling. Do you know the people in Bhopal are still suffering from the evil hands of Union Carbide?

 You appear inviting and mask your evil deeds with “development” and opportunities, but what you are actually doing is propagating a parasitic relationship full of complete dependency.

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