Chapter 10: Solving the Mystery A note to the readership: Alas, our time together has reached its end. But we’ve yet some distance to cover! To refresh your weary memories, this story has two heroes: the young Ralph and dear old Ms. Fannon. The two live in the little town of Lincolnshire. They have been […]

Chapter 9: Old Love Ralph lay back against the hood of Ms. Fannon’s red sedan. The metal was hot in the mid-morning sun, and sweat gathered between the skin of his bare arms and the car’s metal casing. He checked his watch for the seventh time in ten minutes and anxiously glanced toward the main […]

Chapter 8: Love Thy Neighbour It took Ralph and Ms. Fannon twenty minutes to drive back to town from the Lincolnshire Air Force base. They hardly said a word, their hearts still pounding with the adrenaline of JUSTICE. At the Hundredth Meridian by The Tragically Hip played on the radio. The setting sun ran across […]

Chapter 7: Kindred Spirits Ralph stood stock still, his body pressed against the grey concrete wall like he was made of paper. He could hear the cicadic buzz of the cylindrical LED lights on the ceiling, and the quiet hum of a vent farther down the hallway. He held his breath and counted to ten, […]

Chapter Six: Ghost Trails Ms. Fannon stood still as an anvil, her breath held in, attempting even to keep her hazel eyes in place. She was positioned along the side of Sir Ipswich’s house, wedged in-between the brick wall and a thick cedar hedgerow that ran the entire length of the Victorian mansion. The sound […]

Chapter Five: Fall Together A refresher for my dearest readership: In the little town of Lincolnshire, life has been disrupted by the murder of Herr Hansel. After being dropped from a military plane, Hansel’s body was found by our young hero, Ralph. Convinced of the local authorities’ inability to solve the case, Ralph has taken […]

Chapter 5: Detention “Sacks.” “Here.” “Morgan.” “Here.” “Lehman.” “Here.” “Flitemeist…Flitemeist… FLITEMEIST!” Ralph’s head jolted up from its desk. “Here!” he blurted out with an impolite amount of volume and exasperation. “Excuse me, Ralph?” Ms. Tallrustle countered with uncharacteristic indignance. “That tone of voice is unacceptable!” “Sorry, miss,” Ralph said, instantly regretting his slip. Embarrassed, he […]

Chapter 2: A Lady’s Walk Ms. Fannon was on her way to Howe’s, Lincolnshire’s only grocer. She made the walk daily – out her front door, down Uplands, left on First, then straight to Howe’s, which sat right in the centre of town. Lincolnshire seemed quiet as she trotted along. Mr. Leemly, with whom she […]

Dawn broke, casting beams of light through the thick fog that hung about Lincolnshire. The townsfolk tossed and turned in their beds, their dreams infiltrated by images from the previous day’s horror. They saw strange things: lederhosen-clad men covered in blood, walking schnitzels begging for adoption, planes smashing through their roofs. Ralph hadn’t even tried […]

Chapter 1: A Curious Night in Lincolnshire Ralph looked skyward with a start. The distinct reverberation of a sonic boom had snapped him from a daydream, and now he scanned the clouded horizon for its source. If the sound is over there, where is the plane? Above me? He chided himself for not having paid […]