Mt. Allison Student Liver Union declares intention to strike

Bre Darlison/Argosy

Following the week-long bender undertaken by many Mt. A students during the faculty strike, the Mount Allison Student Liver Union (MTASLU) has declared its intentions to strike, citing poor working conditions, long hours and extreme physical abuse. The MTASLU demands at least a two-day break from drug and alcohol consumption and a long-term commitment to increased hydration.

Should the MTASLU go on strike, Mt. A students can expect to have regular liver functions put on hold, a potentially deadly outcome. There have been extreme amounts of pushback from Mt. A students who are entirely unwilling to compromise on what should be a very reasonable request. “It’s impossible to live like this,” said a representative of the MTASLU. “I don’t get what’s so hard to understand. We work almost non-stop and endure constant, excruciating abuse at the hands of the students.”

While the MTASLU representative seemed somewhat reserved and reasonable, the Mt. A students we asked were much more aggressive.

“FUCK that!” said one student. “I’ve been living by the ‘teacher’s gone, party on’ rule since the fourth grade and I’m not gonna be changing that any time soon.”

Another announced plans to bring in scabs: “Medical science has come far enough to do liver transfers. If my liver doesn’t want to work than it can look forward to being dumped into a bucket of other medical waste and fucking incerated for all I care.”

The deadline for the MTASLU strike is set for Feb. 9 and neither side seems willing to compromise.

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