Baby Heads and Buttons

Fine arts students showcase their artwork at the Art Show and Sale

This year’s first Art Show and Sale took place last week in the foyer of the Purdy Crawford Centre. At the event, which is open to all, fine arts students promote and sell their work. Hosted by the Fine Arts Society, the sale is usually held twice a year, once each semester, although some years there have been up to four depending on demand.

“The Show and Sale has been going on for quite some time,” said Veronica Kerrigan, the event’s coordinator. “It’s just a really great way for people in the fine arts department, young artists, to get their work out, to show what they’re making and also to make money off it.”

Kerrigan, who had her own printmaking work featured in the show, described her art by saying, “They’re older prints [that] tend to focus on ideas of childhood and nostalgia but in a notion of questioning nostalgia. They’re generally colourful and strange and I like making them.”

This semester’s show featured the work of 10 students, who used many different media. The works on display ranged from printmaking and silkscreens to photography and painting, as well as more unusual forms of expressions such as buttons, zines and even sculptures of baby heads.

Fourth-year artist London Silver had several of her paintings on display, as well as a collection of buttons and zines. “Quirky and dark vibes,” she explained, were themes in her art. “My painting work tends to be about things that people overlook a lot and glorifying those weird little happenings and moments in life.” The paintings featured in the show mainly focused on rural landscapes and small-town moments.

The artists at last week’s Art Show and Sale presented a large array of work, ranging from more traditional art to some things that were a bit less conventional. Emma Biberdorf/Argosy


All students studying fine arts, no matter what year they are currently in, are welcome to promote their artwork in the Show and Sale. According to Kerrigan, some years the show has featured very few artists, while at other times there have been enough artists to take over the whole lobby. Artists can share any artwork that they wish to sell, whether it’s something that they worked on in class or on their own time. “Anything you’d be happy to put your name on” is welcome at the show, Kerrigan said. “It’s a good way to show what we’re making and what’s here.”

Keep your eyes open for another Show and Sale in the winter semester.

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