Grammy Awards leaves the world in awe

Starting 2024 with a bang, the 66th Annual Grammy Awards shatters records left and right

The biggest music event of the year has passed with an outstanding bang. The 66th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, February 4, 2024, and music fans across the globe are reeling from the experience. This year’s Grammys are the biggest sensation of 2024 so far and was the most-viewed Grammy Awards ceremony since 2020, bringing in a jaw-dropping 16.9 million viewers. First, many people do not know some of the social-political moments from this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony. Annie Lennox, Boygenius, and Taylor Swift had significant moments. So much happened during the awards, so let us unpack. 


Annie Lennox, Wendy Melvoin, and Lisa Coleman perform “Nothing Compares 2 U” in memoriam to the late Irish singer, Sinéad O’Connor. During her moving performance, Annie Lennox made an unusual movement for an artist. She stood up, saying, “artists for ceasefire, peace in the world.” Lennox calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, which is a fairly unprecedented move on her part. A multitude of people are calling for a ceasefire, but it is a notable occurrence when it is an artist asking for it during an awards ceremony. Many artists try to stay out of politics, as it can lead to problems in their careers if others do not agree with their opinions. The way Lennox stood up to say her piece during the biggest music awards ceremony in 2024 shows how she is willing to speak her truth.


A moment of the Grammys worth acknowledging is the band Boygenius winning three awards. The supergroup composed of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers won the Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Album, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance, beating legends in the rock world like Metallica, Foo Fighters, and Arctic Monkeys. Not only did they beat rock legends, the band has become the first queer all-female band to win a Grammy, let alone three. It is a huge deal for a queer band to win those awards, but the excitement is doubled as they are an all-female band in the rock/alternative category. Not only did the band win their first three Grammys ever, Phoebe Bridgers walked away from the Grammys as the most-awarded musician of the night after winning Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with SZA for their song “Ghost in the Machine.”

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Taylor Swift has become an even hotter topic since the 66th Grammy Awards. The singer-songwriter has broken the record for the most wins in the “Album of the Year” category of any person. She has won four times in that category, making her the first person to hold that title. Not only has Taylor won that award more than anyone, but she has won it more than other music icons, winning once more than Stevie Wonder, two more than Adele, and three more than the Beatles. With that in mind, it is easy to see what an incredible achievement this was.


The 66th Annual Grammy Awards, marked a spectacular highlight in the music world, captivating audiences worldwide with its unforgettable moments and records broken. Amidst the ceremony and music, significant social-political moments unfolded, such as the notable contribution from Annie Lennox, Boygenius being the first queer all-female band to win a Grammy, and Taylor Swift breaking records left and right. After witnessing the remarkable events of the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, it becomes obvious that it is not only an awards ceremony that celebrates musicians, composers, bands, and more; it is also a platform for change and impactful moments that inspire hope.

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