How to get involved in Sackville’s arts community this year

The Argosy’s Artistic To Do list.

As a new school year begins, students may feel overwhelmed by everything going on both academically and socially. You may be trying to choose which activities to get involved with, or if you’re a first year or transfer student, you’re probably trying to figure out what there is to do in this very, very small town. But despite Sackville’s small size, the town is teeming with opportunities to get involved with its famously vibrant arts community. Returning students, as well as new mounties, may find it surprisingly difficult to navigate the ever-expanding artistic landscape. But fret not! The Argosy’s Arts and Literature section is here to provide a roadmap for everything artistic that you can see and do in Sackville. Here are a few of my favourite town haunts that will get you involved and active in the local arts scene. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of it.

1. The Owens Art Gallery, located on campus, is a great place to see local, national and international art from a variety artistic periods. The gallery frequently offers new exhibitions, so make sure to go often! 

2. Struts and START Gallery, at 7 Lorne Street, are amazing galleries to check out local art. Struts is an artist-run collective that promotes regional and national contemporary artists and partners with Faucet Media Arts Center. START is a student run initiative that features student exhibitions on a regular basis. The multi-purpose facility serves as a gallery, exhibition and workshop space, a music venue and the heart of Strut’s Artist-in-Residence program. 

3. Forest Fog Gallery, centrally located on Bridge Street is another must-see Sackville art space. A smaller gallery, this venue features original artwork by some of Canada’s finest artists. Make sure to check out their Summer Showcase, which runs until September 8, and highlights a collection of Canadian artists that capture the aesthetic of the Tantramar landscape. 

4. The Mount Allison Performing Arts Series is a great opportunity to experience a wide variety of musical genres ranging from classical opera to New Music compositions. The next upcoming event will be held at Brunton Auditorium on September 29. The season begins with a performance by early music ensemble Sacabuche! and celebrates the rich history of Venice, Italy and music at the turn of the 16th century. 

5. If musical theatre is your calling, then get connected with the Garnet and Gold Society. Each year the society presents a large scale Broadway musical in Convocation Hall that includes over 100 members. This year’s show is Beauty and the Beast. For more information on G&G’s audition schedule, check out the MASU clubs and societies fair this Sunday at the Student Centre at 1 pm. If you are more of a theatre spectator, be on the lookout for shows by Windsor Theatre and Black Tie Productions. 

6. The Seven Mondays creative writing journal is an annual publication of student poetry, prose, short ficition and photography contributions. Contributing to the journal is a fantastic way to step outside of your literary comfort zone by publishing some of your own work. However, if writing isn’t your strong suit, the journal, produced each spring, is still a great read for any literature or photography enthusiasts. 

These are just a few of the many, many ways to get involved in the Sackville arts community. Check into the Arts and Literature section regularly to learn all about community happenings, upcoming events and artist profiles. 

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