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Top 5 Reasons you should live in residence through my experience at Bigaylow House

Living in residence at Mt. St. A is the experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s a good or bad experience is up to you… And your housemates… And some inevitable and unfortunate unforeseen circumstances. Like with any residence, Biggaylow House is a mixed bag, but here are the top five reasons you should live in residence as showcased by this house in particular. 

Upendra Adhikari – The Anarchy

#1: Do you want to feel prepared for a real fire? Come on over here and with our eleven fire alarms per school year. We will ensure that during a real emergency, you will be ready. Who doesn’t like being kept on their toes by a record-breaking number of fire alarms? Welcome to Biggaylow house where our showers will set off the fire alarm at the most inconvenient times. I mean, who doesn’t like being woken up at 12 a.m. by a blaring noise?


#2: What are your thoughts on the smell of burning trash? If you enjoy it, then this is the place for you! Biggaylow house offers a one-in-eleven chance that there will be a garbage can fire in the student lounge. Not to worry though, the aroma of freshly burnt trash is sure to keep you feeling right at home!


#3: The newly renovated open-concept roofing. Do you ever miss the cold and dampness of the outdoors? Well, Biggaylow’s got you covered—or UNcovered—with the siding newly blown off—and the roof on its way—you are sure to enjoy the extra draftiness and chill.


#4: Have you ever wanted to experience salmonella? Well, look no further than Biggaylow’s very own public freezer! With raw chicken, that was left open in the freezer for four months, mouldy fish, and beef, if you put anything in there you are sure to experience the lovely salmonella. 


#5: Silverfish. Do you enjoy the colour silver? Do you like fish? You are definitely in the right place! Though these insects are not fish, they sure are silver! Do you want a slithery little roommate? Well, now you have your very own pet! 


If any of those above experiences sound appealing or interesting to you, you would make a great fit for residence life! The constant and ever-entertaining insanity is sure to give you some stories to tell.

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