Mixed Tape: Autumn in Sackville

Each week, The Argosy asks a member of the Sackville community to create a mixtape playlist on a theme or topic of their choosing.

Nostalgia is a sentiment distinctly and viscerally encountered in the fall and, as such, the songs I discover in between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice always develop reminisciential resonance with me for years and years after I first encounter and grow to love them.

Here’s a mix of songs to listen to while drinking pumpkin spice lattes and reading Whitman by the banks of Swan Pond wrapped in a wool cardigan or some shit.

“Another Story”—The Head & The Heart (Let’s Be Still)

Can we go on like it once was?

“Byegone”—Volcano Choir


You know that we are northern now.

“Higher than the Sun”—Keane

(The Best of Keane)

Feels like everything could turn out fine.

“Dojo Rising”—Cloud Control

(Dream Cave)

Give it to me easy; give it to me hard.

“Fuck This Place”—Frightened Rabbit 

(A Frightened Rabbit EP)

In the perfumed armpit of time, develop a debt, now these people are bricks.

“El Rito”—Destoyer

(Five Spanish Songs EP)

The rite.

“Ragtime”—Neko Case

(The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You)

This could be any evening in any place.

“Elevate”— St Lucia

(When the Night)

You wait for the sun to make the sky.

“Cabin Down Below”—The Royal Concept


Caught up in the glow.

“Daedalus (What We Have)”—San Fermin

(San Fermin)

Like the moment after love when we know we finally kill the buzz so we can sleep.

“Hero”—Family of the Year

(Loma Vista)

I’m a kid like everyone else.

“Come Talk to Me”—Bon Iver 


Darkness creeps in like a thief. This one’s a Peter Gabriel cover.

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