Mount Slay brings professional fashionistas to their knees

Local university students are treating the campus as their fashion show runway
Olivia Haill – The Anarchy

Every university has its fair share of young fashionistas expressing their personalities through their show-stopping looks. However, no university will ever top the weird and wonderful styles of Mount Slay’s creative, unique, and largely queer community. So much so that Vogue’s team would probably dream of taking a direct flight to New Brunswick for a never-before-seen photoshoot. Would all of Mount Slay’s students have what it takes to be professional models and fashion designers? 

There is not a day that goes by when numerous Mount Slay students do not showcase their inspired looks to the world. They strut their stuff like nobody’s business, and they do not even realize how much they are lighting up the campus like runway spotlights. “I once saw someone walk into Jungking’s Dining Hall wearing knee-high fishnets with white high-heel boots, a flowy high-low skirt, and a periwinkle collared tank top under a floral trench coat. Like girl — you are working it,” says a random student. Despite this, not all students at the school demonstrate such originality. 

Local fashion fans criticize the swarms of basic white girls as they make their way to parties, their outfits practically identical with their Stanley Cups. Ballsackville resident protests, “what’s with the white crop tops, denim booty shorts, and the exact same white sneakers? It’s like — what are you shopping for? A personality?” While it is true that people are entitled to wear whatever they please, sometimes exploring identity through clothing can make a person stand out positively. 

Regardless, it will be intriguing to see what the next generation of Mount Slay students have to offer in terms of fashion. Will they keep up the tradition, or will eccentricity fade beneath the modern and unimaginative insurgency of style?

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