Shart Hall takes on the big screen!

New Poltergeist movie is being shot on campus featuring the Shart Hall ghost

Attention Mt. St. A students, campus is about to get a lot busier! If you see any celebrities or camera crew around do not be shocked. They are shooting a new Poltergeist movie featuring our very own Shart Hall ghost! The Shart Hall ghost is a favourite of Mt. St. A students, and the hype around the movie is growing! 

As legend has it, the Shart Hall ghost lurks on the fourth floor of Shart Hall waiting for unsuspecting students and staff. Many are scared to make the trek up the four flights of Shart Hall stairs, but the ominous and eerie environment is perfect for the new supernatural movie. According to insider information, the movie will also feature one of Mt. St. A’s football stars as a stand-in for the student who broke both of his legs.

If you would like to see the Mt. St. A campus and our very own Shart Hall ghost on the big screen, be sure to check out the new movie this summer at your local movie theater!

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