The beloved webseries recieving an adaptaion

The popular internet show Hetero is our indie ‘film of the month’

The internet is a treasure-trove of indie films and television shows, and perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the web is the web series. Since the invention of the web series, the internet has seen the rise and fall of many independent studios, and today we might be witnessing the rise of yet another talented group of individuals. Third Charm Films is a brand-new film studio, with only one major project under their belt: a YouTube web series titled Hetero. Upon the show’s release in 2022, it reached a broad but niche audience of queer young adults, and as of this year, they are planning to release a film version of their first season.


The show, which consists of five 18–20 minute episodes, follows a group of high school students trying their darndest to save their school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club from being disbanded by their disgruntled principal. They have been given an ultimatum: get more straight club members, or say goodbye to your favourite after-school activity. According to their principal, their club is not diverse enough, and their significant lack of cis-gendered and/or straight people puts the club at odds with its name. While this may not seem like a problem to the club’s members, it does prompt a rather ridiculous five episodes of mayhem and drama. Without spoiling, the show follows the five founding members of the GSA as they attempt to gain more, mainly straight, attendees, trying and failing to fit in outside of the queer culture they have come to find safe and welcoming.


No show or film would be complete without a vibrant cast, which is exactly what Hetero brings to the table. Audiences are introduced to debut actors Sabina Buensuceso, Jubilee Lopez, Adriane Watson, Eden Astra, and Jonah Cohen. Each play distinct characters, all of whom manage to have separate story arcs throughout their short, five episodes of screentime. From fearless nonbinary lesbians and brooding he/theys to complex stories of found family, intersectionality, and the complicated realities of queer and BIPOC teens everywhere, this show is bound to pique your interest. It will make you laugh, cry, get mad, quote Jennifer’s Body, yearn, and above all, it will make you cherish the concept of friendship and unconditional platonic love.

Gabriel Theriault – Argosy Illustrator

If this show knows anything, it is their audience, and the film is no different. Third Charm Films’ plan was to make the film much like the series, but a little bit more polished. The film intends to draw on a larger audience, telling the same story as before but perhaps a bit more thoroughly. Third Charm Films has also stated on their website that they hope this film will generate interest from larger production companies, hopefully securing them the necessary stability to keep telling compelling and original stories. It is unclear if they are currently planning on creating a second season of the web series, although fans of the show, as well as the context clues of the season finale, like to imagine that there will be one. The movie is out as of Valentine’s Day, and will be available for viewing online through the Third Charm Films’ YouTube channel.

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