Mount Allison personal trainers provide suggestions for committing to fitness-related goals As the new year commences, many students adopt new resolutions, determined to get more sleep, eat healthier or exercise more regularly. Despite the optimism a new year brings when it comes to sticking to a fresh set of goals, according to an Ipsos poll […]

Improper posture when studying leaves students with long-term physical consequences Attention all daredevils: if you’ve already tried your hand at extreme sports from skydiving to heli-skiing and are now searching for your next risk, look no further than studying for your next midterm. Despite its seemingly harmless nature, doing schoolwork has the potential to lead […]

Winning seven of their nine matches, the Mount Allison women’s volleyball team stands in second place in the ACAA league The Mount Allison women’s volleyball team has had a strong start to their 2018-19 season, successfully winning seven of their nine games. The Mounties currently stand second place in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) […]

Mt. A president Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau uses running to process ideas while maintaining his physical health Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau proves that his success in running is not limited to his recent installation as Mount Allison’s 15th president and vice-chancellor. “I have a busy life, [in my] job as University president,” Boudreau said, “but running gives […]

Anti-doping regulations are unaffected by legalization As cannabis becomes legalized in Canada on Oct. 17, the national governing body for university sports’ anti-doping policy remains unchanged – prohibiting athletes from its use. The upcoming legalization of cannabis makes the substance one of many legal drugs present on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) prohibited list. According […]

Debunking the health benefits of the increasingly popular drink kombucha Across the Mount Allison campus, the fermented, slightly alcoholic tea known as kombucha has been continuously rising in prevalence. According to Live Science, kombucha’s origin dates back to 2,000 years ago in China – which leads to curiosity about how it became a modern, trendy […]

How to adjust your diet for optimal midterm results Dieticians and nutritionists have linked specific foods to increased cognitive function, which may be able to give students an extra boost during the process of writing midterms and exams. Darlene Teahen, a local registered holistic nutritionist, recommended the consumption of good fatty acids year round, but […]