Mount Allison University Black Students’ Union Meeting

The Black Students’ Union (BSU) gathered on November 24 for one final meeting before the end of the fall semester. The Black Students’ Union members were present in this meeting, including event planner Beyonce Gibbons, president Kevinique Stubbs, and treasurer Paul Oyedijo, along with other attendees. 

The purpose of the meeting was to begin planning events for next semester. One of many amazing ideas was to stage a fictitious wedding. This is a new trend where people dress up in different cultural attires and act like it’s a real wedding. The concept of staging a fictitious wedding and dressing guests in suits and gowns will draw attention to different fashions and raise cultural awareness. At the wedding, there will be a bride and groom, along with loads of food and entertainment. Members of the Black Students’ Union will be able to get to know one another and socialize at the event. Planning a wedding requires a lot of work behind the scenes and the commitment of all the participants. All of the Black Students’ Union’s graduating seniors will be having a fitting send-off also on this occasion.

On December 7, the final event of the fall semester planned by the BSU will take place. The event will be hosted by The Pond, and the dress code is an ugly sweater. There will be karaoke and food and drinks for purchase at the event. 

Two events have been decided for next semester are a gala night and a discussion show where President Kevinique Stubbs and other BSU members discuss problems relating to Black lives in our community. With the help of volunteers, this conversation program will continue until next school year. At the end of the meeting, students had fun playing games.

The Black Students’ Union provides Mt. A students with opportunities to learn about a variety of Black cultures. Olafesola Oladubu, a student who belongs to the Black community, recommended attending BSU meetings and exchanging personal experiences. He discussed how the BSU has united Black people in the community to provide mutual support and that it is a beautiful notion that we have come together to share the same racial identity despite coming from the Caribbean or Africa. He had anticipated encountering prejudice and feeling excluded before arriving in Sackville due to the minority status of Black people. Instead, he felt at home because of the support he received from the BSU, which feels like a family.

 The BSU encourages student growth and development and their initiatives lay the foundation for future networking. International students feel more involved in the campus community thanks to student unions. Helping students with their academic and social issues is one of the BSU’s key objectives; every member is always prepared to assist another.

It is beneficial and crucial to hold meetings such as this one so that BSU executive members can receive information and feedback from other Black students and ensure their voices are being heard.

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