New society on campus focuses on unconventional writing and free expression

The newly founded Live Poets Society is run by fourth-year fine arts student Sarah Noonan, who created the club as a space to share written and spoken word poetry.

The Live Poets Society meets every Wednesday to share and create all manner of creative writing. Mara Ireta Gordon/Argosy

Noonan started the club mainly out of her own personal interest after she spent the summer constantly writing poetry. “Poetry is expression,” Noonan said. “That’s why I think it’s important.” During the summer, she realized how useful poetry was as a outlet and how the freedom of poetry connects people together.

The society, which meets on Wednesday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. in room 121 in the Student Centre, is open to being shaped by members’ interests. Whether members want to share their work with the group or just spend the time writing and listening is entirely up to them. Noonan explained that poetry isn’t the only thing that can be shared at meetings, but also any form of “unconventional writing.” As Noonan explained, the society is “a place for people to be free with the way that they write. There’s no wrong or right way to write poetry. And I hope people can come and be free to share their own writing.” As poetry is very personal to many writers, this freedom allows them to share more of what they’re feeling. Meetings are designed to be inclusive and safe spaces.

“Poetry is really beautiful and it’s very individual. People who come [to the meetings] tend to all have very different styles, they’re all talking about very different things,” she explained. “I think that helps us all know each other better and relate to one another more when we can see how different we all are and we all go through different things. You can see that in peoples’ writing, which is really beautiful.”

If you have further questions please email [email protected] or attend a meeting on Wednesday nights.

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