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It is our pleasure to recommend some tunes from artists playing CHMA’s eleventh annual Stereophonic music festival. These picks range from new local bands, Sackville legends, and first-timers to the festival. This list represents only about half the bands playing, and you can download a sampler with all these songs and more from www.stereophonicmusicfestival.wordpress.com.

“Punk as Fuck”—Kappa Chow

These Sackville/Halifax heavyweights will be playing George’s on Saturday.

“Spitter”—Jerk Damaged

These local boys will be playing Struts on Saturday.

“Bone Soldiers”—Baby Eagle

Baby Eagle will be capping off the festival at George’s on Saturday night and will be playing solo Friday night at the Vogue.

“Heartbeats”—Julie Doiron and the Wrong Guys

This new twist on a Sackville favourite will be headlining Friday night’s show at George’s.


Toronto’s Simone Schmidt will be playing Friday night at George’s.

“Standards”—The Mouthbreathers

These Sackville pop-punks will be playing Friday night at George’s.

“Dark Creedence”—Nap Eyes

Halifax’s Nap Eyes will be playing Saturday night at George’s.

“The Horse Returns”—Construction & Destruction

These favourites will be playing at George’s on Friday night.

“Little City People”—Walrus

These psychedelic Haligonians will be playing Thursday night at the Pond.

“Popular Flower”—Nick Ferrio & His Feelings

This Peter-beau will be playing a set at the Mt. A Chapel on Thursday evening.

“Black Hole”—Jennah Barry

This Nova Scotian folkster will be playing Friday night at the Vogue. 

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