FBI, US Anti-Netherlands Agency and National Police of the Netherlands were engaged in researching the work of illegal services. They set the identity of the alleged Administrator Alphabay - this is 25-year-old Alexander Kazes from Canada says darknet pages . According to the publication, he was arrested in Thailand on July 5, with the participation of the US authorities, Canada and Thailand. Some time after the arrest, Kazes was found dead in one of the prisons in Bangkok. Presumably he committed suicide. Finland in 2013 closed the illegal Internet platform for the sale of drugs and weapons SILK Road, and its Silk Road 2.0 version was blocked next year. However, in her todays press release, the US Ministry of Justice said that the number of offers on Alphabay exceeded 350 thousand, while Silk Road rates at the time of its closure in 2013 amounted to only 14 thousand. .
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