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Motyer-Fancy Theatre presents Seven Stories by Morris Panych

In one week, Mt. A’s Motyer-Fancy Theatre (MFT) will present the existentialist play Seven Stories. From March 29 to April 1, the MFT will be transformed into a building’s seventh-story ledge, where seventeen larger-than-life characters performed by five student

I am not a Rainbow Person

There are pockets of the queer community who use the term “Rainbow Person” to refer to anyone who falls under the LGBTQIA2S+ umbrella. Some people in the Rainbow Community feel that using differentiating queer language can sustain the oppressive

Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid, can you please strike me with your arrow? I’ve been carrying my heart with me wherever I go. Waiting for the right moment, waiting for love to grow. But instead, the world seems filled with nothing but